Six Things That Happen When You Don’t Wear Socks

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Socks can bare a persons personality and their spunk. Depending on how you wear them, their length, and their color. Socks tell a lot about a person whether they know it or not. You could be the Pippi long-stockings of the era and it would literally be a huge and bold statement to society about how you, as a person, think and behave.
  2. Disease Prevention: Athletes Foot, Callus, and other Fungus; these are just a few diseases that can easily be prevented by wearing socks. That’s it, taking the 5 seconds of your time to slip on those fuzzy foot huggers is all it takes. If you regularly spite the idea of wearing socks and think you are some kind of rebel; think again, you literally are inviting diseases and pain to your body.
  3. Heats the Whole Body: That’s right, I said it. The entire body is heated by you just wearing socks. How? Think of this: The feet, hands and ears are the primary outlets of heat for your body. Once your hands or your feet are cold, the core of your body (the abdominal and groin regions) drops in temperature to compensate for the drop in the limbs. If you can heat your feet you are on the right track to heating your core and the rest of your body as well.
  4. Stench: Without wearing socks, which absorb a majority of the perspiration that precipitates from your feet’s skin; the sweat will have to go somewhere else. Often it will be left to soak up in the shoe and on your skin. This will lead to a foul odor that often can be easily traced back to the origin and will leave you embarrassed and, in quite the social-predicament depending on your whereabouts.
  5. Chafed and Cracked Skin: Without socks your skin will become dry, cracked, and chafed. Constantly rubbing up against your footwear has a high toll to pay on your feet and their skin. This price is easily avoidable though, since socks can not only prevent the chaffing; but also aid in softening up some of the dry and cracked skin naturally.
  6. Alleviate Pain: No one likes walking around barefoot. With the help of socks you can alleviate a ton; if not all, pain from walking around barefoot. Ever walk on gravel? Perhaps you have children and their toys sharp or plastic toys and Legos lying around your house? We all know the many dangers lurking on our floors waiting for us to step on them and potentially puncture our skin.

By taking the time and effort to read this article and examine these six simple reasons; you have equipped yourself to advance the knowledge of you and others in the art fine art of sock-wearing. Remember that socks are a vital and enormously essential component to daily life. Without them you will lose many benefits and make yourself vulnerable to illness and other ailments. Just slip on your foot-friends and you’ll never regret reaping the benefits!

Timothy Frisch, a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, has been wearing socks ever since day one. He loves to keep his feet warm and believes that others should be as ardent as he is. He also contributes regularly to – the health-nut’s spot for Accuflora for an improved digestive system and Cosamin ASU to improve joint funtion.


18 Responses to “Six Things That Happen When You Don’t Wear Socks”
  1. Me says:

    I disagree with this. I haven’t worn socks for over 10 years and I wear sneakers every day. The smell is the only issue that is true, but with using foot deodorant and cleaning your shoes that problem is easy to solve.

  2. Map says:

    I also have to agree that not wearing socks can get smelly. I wore a pair of running shoes one time without socks while attending a workout with a personal trainer. The new shoes, after a week, started to smell. The female trainer that I currently attend sessions with told me to purchase a new pair and wear socks. After an intense run on the treadmil she held my feet (with shoes on) down while doing sit-ups. That’s when she asked me if I was wearing socks. I told her no. She said, “That’s what I thought; the odor” Working out without socks is not a good idea plus your feet tend to sweat more when the insides get more soiled from the sweaty skin contact.

  3. Cierria says:

    All of this is a lie. I walk around barefoot and nothing ever happens. Only go tathletes foot once, and that was from wearing the same pair of socks for 3 days. I was gross when I was a preteen.

  4. Cierria says:

    All of this is a lie. Nothing ever happens. Also,wearing socks don’t prevent puncture when you’re walking around the house,shoes do. I only caught athletes foot once and that was only from wearing same pair of socks 3 times. I was gross when I was young. The socks warming the feet….I was old in cold weather and had on a pair of tights and long socks…..was still freezing.

  5. Jon Hillman says:

    The first “important” thing tells the whole tale. The rest are made up to justify the whole article. Shoes protect the feet much better than socks. SHOES were invented to provide all the “protection” attributed to socks. Nothing is said here about how often to CHANGE socks.

  6. Kairon says:

    I disagree with #5 Chafed and Cracked Skin: I usually don’t wear socks around the house and I’ve never had this problem with my feet.

    Also #6 Alleviate Pain: No one likes walking around barefoot. I enjoy not wearing socks around the house and never have foot pain due to this. (I only have foot pain while at work with shoes and socks on)

    #3 Heats the Whole Body: is pretty much the only one I agree with 100%, I tend to wear socks more often in the winter.

  7. Oana says:

    Very well put. I don’t think people realize the effect that not wearing socks at home can have on the entire household. From carpets soaking up perspiration on a regular basis to disease and fungus being spread like wildfire. In terms of body heat, that’s a matter of climate. When it comes to pain alleviation, that’s something that people tend to become more aware of in time, especially when they start to feel weather and pressure changes more acutely with age.

    I would be ok with my toddler walking around barefoot around the house, but not with a parent, for instance, though it’s something I need to put up with every day because old people just don’t seem to get it that just because you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there (by that I mean viruses, spores, microbes, bacteria, etc.). That being said, let’s face it, as you age, your feet start to show the signs of whatever it is you carry or have carried before. So, because my mom walks around barefoot, for instance, I can’t have my toddler doing that since there’s no telling what she’s carrying now.

    We have to realize that as soon as sweat glands start developing, not only do feet not smell like roses anymore, but they start producing chemicals that breed organisms nobody should be exposed to. I wish everyone had a microscope at home to see just what it is I’m talking about.

    I’m fine with walking around barefoot outside, on grass, but not inside a home. It’s also a matter of etiquette. Just because you don’t think you shouldn’t be wearing socks because you don’t think you’re carrying anything just now doesn’t mean you should make other people put up with it.

    Oh, and another thing. If you were to wear the same trainers throughout the day, every day, without socks on, you would see why you need to wear socks. Athlete’s foot and other conditions don’t just develop because you work out, with or without socks. There’s an underlying cause. But because people tend to work out only a few minutes through the day and wear socks or tights when they go to work (wearing their office shoes), the spores, bacteria and other organisms in their trainers die by the time they use them again. Hence they don’t see why they should wear socks with their trainers. I will argue it would be an entirely different story if they only wore one pair of shoes for an entire week, 24/7. And yes, they can go on not wearing socks with trainers for years without a problem, but all it takes is that one little bunion, verruca, corn, callus, ulcer, blister or fungal nail infection to develop once (and it will, just you wait), and all that high and mighty talk is out the window.

  8. Eric says:

    This entire article is BS. More than 50% of body heat goes out the head. Fungus increases with increased heat – so putting socks on would increase that possibility. Alleviate all pain associated with walking barefoot? Absurd. Socks are nice in the house because they keep your feet mostly clear of dust and dirt and keep your feet COOLER than house shoes. This article is ridiculous.

  9. Lama says:

    this is the most ridiculous, ignorant thing i’ve read all week. the only true points are 3 and 4. 1 is some crap that only attention hogs care about. when i wear socks they are usually ankle socks. nobody judges you on your socks. 2 is very inaccurate. athletes foot and fungus grow by being in damp place exposed to the air where it spreads. your shoes protects you there. 5 is blown way out of proportion. at worst you get a few blisters. cracked dry skin comes from dry air and socks only prevent more blisters or chaffing. it doesnt fix your skin. and the last point is utter nonsense. to suggest that a thin layer of fabric will make a difference in stepping on a lego? and who walks on gravel barefoot and decides socks are the solution? shoes are for protecting your feet. socks are for smell. to suggest that by choosing not to wear socks i am some kind of rebel who doesnt know anything is ignorant and just makes you look foolish.

  10. Natasha says:

    I disagree with most of what was written in the article. I used to wear socks and had many foot problems of smell, dry/cracked skin, and the worst was the socks rubbing the underside of my foot raw at times. I find that people who wear socks can have foot problems just as much if not more than those without. Yes the sock will soak up the sweat but the sock is still in the shoe and now very wet. You can’t tell me that the sweat won’t still go onto the shoe itself and your foot is now surrounded in constant wetness and socks will hold in the smell just as much as the shoe. I now go sockless and have less problems and it’s so much better not having the soles of my feet rubbed raw. Socks don’t prevent the pain of stepping on a toy either. I will agree on the heat part. Also after doing research among my friends, not wearing socks doesn’t wear your shoes out faster.

  11. Cooper Anthony says:

    This is SO TRUE. I am a victim of Absent Sock Syndrome. My feet smell all the time like rotten eggs. They have started to swell up due to this syndrome I have given myself. For the disease prevention- I have so many. I even have mold on my feet. Ewie

  12. f-s says:

    this article isn’t that great…I have foot fungus and rashes and I can tell you that its from WEARING socks…so I have been NOT wearing socks. Someone else said in the comments “shoes were invented to protect the feet”….I have to agree. Socks are a luxury item and for people that live in cold weather.

  13. Teshan says:

    I also agree that! I love to wear socks at home but by parents don’t give permission

  14. William P Mrseglia says:

    I wear boots. The same brand for 15 years. I switch pair but these last one feel so good because of their incredible quality and softness and fit. I could put one sock on but the other stabs my knee and I don’t feature do that every day.
    I do experience smell in the summer. Dirt from gardening, debris does find an in but no real issues. I do wonder if all that accumulated sweat enter the system and fungus is growing in the noggin. May spray with vinegar. I do fresh squeeze at pitcher of LEMONADE very regularly. Maybe thats why Im not turned into a Mushroom.

  15. Mick says:

    You are ALL (every commenter) DISGUSTING! Socks allow you to refresh the surrounding of your foot, limits chaffing, lessons the amount of dead skins from chaffing than mixes with perspiration and grows bacteria that smell!! Socks add cushion to varying degrees. Listen to yourselves… using foot powder / perfumes to mask odor. Absolutely disgusting!

    Hikers, soldiers, explorers ALL wear socks (unless they are urban hikers and I mean fags that go hiking on weekends). Soldiers learn to wash their socks on their own, most important garment to keep clean and dry.

    Wow, it is amazing how backward the “forward thinkers” are.

  16. tiptoe says:

    How wrong can an article be?

    1. If you take care of your feet they are more aesthetic than socks could ever be.
    2. If fungus doesn’t have enclosed environments it won’t grow. Long time barefooters don’t have fungus.
    3. Body heat is a matter of circulation. If you get cold hands and feet it’s a sign of a weak heart.
    4. See 2: Sweat on bare skin just evaporates. In fabric, bacteria will grow and cause the smell.
    5. Even better, don’t wear any footwear at all so there’s no friction, your feet are perfectly prepared for touching the ground.
    6. Everybody loves walking around barefoot if the conditions are good. And if they actually do walk barefoot on nice pleasant ground they will notice that soon the gravel isn’t all that bad after all.

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