Warfarin Side Effects

Warfarin is a prescription drug, a blood thinning medication that should only be consumed under strict medical guidance. Warfarin that is medically known as coumadin is an anti-coagulant drug taken to treat certain blood clotting diseases like thrombosis. Coumadin is a synthetic derivative of Coumarin which in turn is extracted from certain plants. It derives its anti-coagulant effect by interfering with Vitamin K metabolism. If you have been prescribed Warfarin, you must be by now made aware as to how strong this medicine is as an anti-coagulant and it is a true life saver. But more importantly one needs to be made aware of the Warfarin side effects and consequences of over dosage or even improper intake.

Warfarin is a drug prescribed in situations where mostly patients have a blood clot in an important place like heart or near the heart. A clot near heart can start a stroke and hence needs to be taken care with urgency. Similarly, blood clots near lungs or other veins, called as venous thrombosis is also a critical condition and needs to be treated.
In people with artificial heart valves or defective heart valves, blood clotting inside heart is common and hence Warfarin is prescribed for treatment.

Easily notable Warfarin side effects start with the fact that you see your blood would not clot easily. This can be noticed if a person under Warfarin consumption has experienced an injury like a cut. Any injury in a person consuming Warfarin would lead to profuse bleeding since blood would not congeal like in normal people. The severity of bleeding increases also with age, it is more serious in older people over 75 years of age. Other serious Warfarin side effects are passing blood in stool or rectum bleeding, fever, skin allergies like hives, swelling of various parts, bruising like symptoms without any actual injury, chest pain. Some lesser severe symptoms are vomiting and diarrhoea, muscle numbness or tingling sensation in body extremities, difficulty in movement, painful erection lasting for a long time. Some people also might face side effects like indigestion and gas, paleness of skin, fatigue, hair loss, change in taste of food etc.

Extreme Warfarin side effects may lead to gangrene leading to amputation of body parts. Hence one needs to be careful to see if any notable symptoms are developing in the body within seven to eight days of consumption of Warfarin drug. Fever, swelling on skin, discolouration or bruising on skin with pain are symptoms to be careful of. If is advisable to tell your near and dear ones and all your health care providers that you take Warfarin to avoid any further complications. Also it is important for any Warfarin consumer to stay away from obvious injury related sport activities.

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